Oh Give Me a Home…

where the buffalo roam and the deer and the antelope play…


Seriously, there are antelope. This was driving down the road from our house  that goes to the highway to get to town.  They are cute but I imagine they will eat any flowers I try to plant.

We’ve shared our big news. We are telling our patients. We are hopefully training a replacement so that The High Plainsman can feel good about leaving them. We are in that GRAY PLACE of waiting….the one between signing the contract and closing and I do not like it at all.

Part of the ‘deal’ was that the seller needed to repair the garage. The house is a log house (SO AMAZING!) but the garage is siding. It’s not been maintained at all and the siding needs to be replaced and painted. We had our home inspection yesterday and there really weren’t any surprises but the roof of the garage needs to be resealed, it’s flat (dumb idea in this climate and we will be adding a roof to the deck over the garage) and leaky and a big part of what’s wrong with the garage siding. We signed the contract a week ago and the repair hasn’t started. The VA appraisal is another week or so away and we highly doubt it will be done by then plus the inspection report DID say (as we expected) that the logs of the house needed to be restained so we signed the addendum for that today.  The VA will not approve the loan without the repairs.


Garage siding, it looks like this all the way around

Log houses have to be maintained. Seller dude should have already restained it and sealed any cracks. It’s a part of owning a log house and the climate in southern Wyoming can be pretty rough with lots of snow, high winds and bright beaming sun. Out on the prairie we will be at 7200 feet altitude so for our Colorado friends, think Monument Hill on a super hot day…that’ll take it out of a log structure. Thankfully the chinking is fine, that’s the stuff between the logs. It was done three years ago and is good for twenty years as long as you inspect it yearly and take care of any weak spots.


We are adding a roof to the garage deck. It will be slightly canted back so the snow dumps opposite of the doors and to help protect the garage roof. We’ve talked of enclosing it so that we have a nice cozy indoor/outdoor space year round.

So now we wait for a response. If it doesn’t work out we are prepared to find another house but I’ve grown attached and really…35 acres…and that view!!!


Looking out onto the property from the front door of the house. Our property line is over that hill. The house sits about 50 yards back from the photo. That’s a dog run although I’m not sure we will use it as one. Tucker is getting old and we will probably get a wireless fence for him.

Do we start packing in the mean time?

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