Rough Country Rustic Bedroom

Even though the log house (High Plains Cabin) is 700 sq ft bigger than our Springs house the master bedroom is smaller. It’s something we’ve talked about extensively and originally it was non-negotiable for me to downsize the master. We were really only looking at houses that had big master suites. Our current master is a pretty large suite with big master bath, walk in closet and an additional double door closet. Our king size furniture fits with plenty of moving around space to spare and I enjoy it so I didn’t imagine down sizing would be an option until we found the High Plains Cabin. The master is smaller and the master bath is the only bathroom for the main level of the house and so not a master suite. The master bath is smaller too but it does have a jetted tub at least. We are going to remodel the master bath and that will be a different post altogether.

So, with downsizing the master we have to down size our furniture. There is no way our king panel bed and the rest of the set will fit. That will all fit nicely in the basement guest room. The closet space in the master is also about 1/3 of our current space. The good news? New furniture! We’ve been watching Log Cabin Living  and have seen a lot of good ideas that we can use in our own log cabin. While rustic furniture and decor is not usually my taste it’s different to think about it when planning a space in a log cabin. We decided on barn door furniture and I found a great furniture maker that I’m excited to buy from. If I love the bedroom as much as I think we will then we will be ordering some other pieces from him.

Rough Country Rustic Furniture is made by a husband and wife team that started in their basement and now have 20 employees and a 27,000 sq ft shop. He is a veteran which as a retired Army family we appreciate and from reading their bio on their website, they are just a hard working family with a great craft trying to do good work. I feel good about giving them our money. I emailed him to get a quote based off of an example set on his website.

We will have a queen barn door bed made in color #8. Along with the queen platform dresser bed (we need that extra storage!) we are getting a dresser, one night stand, a makeup vanity and a wardrobe for extra hanging space. I’m very excited to have real solid wood, one of a kind furniture that is solidly built and made to last.  The only down side to buying hand crafted custom furniture is that the turn around time in this case is about 120 days….we will be sleeping on our mattress on the floor until September!

It will look something like this color scheme in the room. I’m a big fan of the contrasting wood colors from the floors, wall and furniture.


This next picture is our room. I don’t have any good pictures of the room unfortunately but it gives an idea. There is more room to the right with space for a wardrobe and then the closet past that.

master (2)

The closet door is the dated mirror door and I intend to install sliding barn doors similar to this..


The makeup vanity will fit comfortably next to the bed and the night stand on the other side. That is a queen bed so we know a queen will work.  I love that our ceilings are wood and beams also. It will be quaint and cozy and since really we don’t live in our bedroom and have so much space otherwise I’m excited about it rather than bothered.

The High Plainsman said I’m not allowed to complain in the future.

And anyway, the kitchen is the most important room in the house to me and I really love it. It has the builders grade cabinetry but we will upgrade those in a few years. I prefer granite slab to granite tile counter tops but they are still beautiful and again, I’m completely in love with the wood and beam ceiling throughout and the dining room is in the area where this picture was taken and it is a great roomy space.


But really, there’s no need to complain about the room you sleep in when this is your view from your living room deck…


To update on the home inspection I mentioned in the Oh Give Me a Home post….

We did receive the inspection report back and there were no surprises. The inspection did say that the logs need to be stained and we sent the seller our requests. He agreed to most everything on there (and the garage is currently being repaired, yay!!) except the log staining. The VA appraisal is next week and if they decide that the logs must be done or the loan won’t be approved then something will need to happen. The seller insists that he had it done three years ago and that the company that did it said it was good for five years. We are requesting receipts from him. The way I feel about it is that if they are guaranteeing their work and if both an inspection and VA appraisal say it needs to be done then their work didn’t hold up and the seller needs to demand they redo it. Or he needs to do it again. Either way, it’s a less than $4000 job so I can’t imagine he’s going to let this deal fall apart over $4000.  That’s really the only hang up at this point so we have started packing!

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