And the VA Says….

We are good!

The VA valued the house at $11,500 over our purchase price. This appraisal was the  big thing that needed to happen before I could relax and it’s happened. They did note that the garage repair and deck staining needed to be completed before closing but it’s already being worked on and we have 6 weeks left. It seems as if all is well with the underwriting process too. We had to do some income explaining since we are self employed but they accepted our letter so we think we should be smooth sailing from here until closing.


View of part of the deck from upstairs. It’s currently being restained. We will add a roof before next winter and possibly  replace railing and enclose it next year.


View of our land from that same room just because I can’t get enough!

We did decide to have our well inspected also. The pump is the original from when the house was built in 1996 so I’m guessing we will end up replacing it sooner than later. The well guy told us not to bother testing the water, it’s the best in the country. The High Plainsman tasted it while he was there and said it was good and very cold out of the faucet.

What’s next? Scheduling carpet guys to go out and give us an estimate for replacing it upstairs. We have four bedrooms upstairs and I’m really weird about carpet…I hate it and don’t want to move in on someone’s old stuff.  It’s not in terrible shape but I doubt it’s been replaced in the last seven years since the previous owner bought this house. And since my kids will be living on it we are replacing it.


Not much to see but this is one of the kids bedrooms. I hate carpet and would love to just hardwood the whole upstairs but carpet is it for now.

Thank you for all the well wishes! We are so excited and really appreciate all the support and kindness. We know that relocating the practice is a big deal for a lot of our patients and it’s tough for us too! But we do so thank you all very much!!

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