John Deere Green

on a hot summer night
He wrote Billy Bob loves Charlene…

I’m from south Alabama, sometimes I can’t help myself.

But we might be going John Deere green! We need a tractor and The High Plainsman knows somebody selling one for a good price with a loader,  mower and blade. We had talked about getting a Gator or something similar but they aren’t cheap either and if you are going to homestead and you have 35 acres in a place where snow drifts are measured in many feet you may as well get one of these…


This is similar to the model we will look at with the loader and mower attachments.


This is similar to the blade attachment and will be very useful for snow removal.

Homesteading requires a LOT. We have to prioritize. In addition to our tractor here’s a short list of things that need to happen…

  1. Outbuilding: there isn’t one. We are planning a 30×50 metal pre-fab and putting a smaller  300 sq ft cottage inside of it. The outbuilding will be for our work truck, tractor, ATVs and other toys. The cottage will be for friends and patients. First, we will have to pour a concrete slab and plumb it. We will have to run power to it too.
  2. Wind turbine: it’s windy there and we can get something for a decent price that will pay for itself in 3-4 years. It will be awesome to generate our own electricity since we will have a propane tank and well. The house has two wood burning stoves too so we will keep ourselves stocked up with wood. We will still be on the grid but won’t have to use it often. We have to pour concrete for the tower.
  3. Garage deck roof. I’ve mentioned this one a few times. We may enclose the whole thing a year or two later but a roof to minimize snow build up is a must.
  4. Trees: we need a bunch. We plan to put in 4-5 a year. We really have to talk to the tree people in Fort Collins about which ones will be best for our zone. We need some shade around the house.
  5. Green house: we want to grow as much as we can but the growing season is short. We are dealing with potential freak May blizzards and hard freezes in September. Living at 6800 feet in Colorado has somewhat  prepared us but to really maximize our efforts a good greenhouse is a must.
  6. Chicken coop: We won’t get chicks until next spring so we have time to prepare.

There are so many more things. It’s easy to get big ideas and get carried away and all that above stuff will take time…but first, tractor!!

6 thoughts on “John Deere Green

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  2. My husband was just talking about the tractor he wants to get (one day) while I was day dreaming about a green house!

    If you can scrounge recycled/free-cycled materials for a small starter green house, you’d be surprised what you can do with a tiny one, even if it’s just a box with a corrugated lid.

    It’s so hard to figure out what to do first!

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