Tapioca and Grace

We thought it would be much later before we got animals. We were planning to start with chickens next spring but we have a patient that has two Nubian/lamancha cross 4 month old does that she wants to find a good home for and she offered them to us!! She’s been milking the mama and I guess she’s ready to wean them since she doesn’t bottle feed. 

How can we say no?! The High Plainsman is more hesitant but he knows I really wanted goats and I think he knows we will take good care of them and not let them destroy anything. 

So…meet Tapioca and Grace! 



Our land doesn’t have a barn and we don’t plan to build one right away but we do have a nice size dog run with a roomy shelter that we can make work for two goats. If we add to the heard we will need to expand but for the first winter this will work. We wouldn’t breed these gals until they are a year old so we will have plenty of time to get goat acquainted. 

The goal would be to breed them and milk them then sell the kids when they are ready to wean. 

Dog run that we can convert for the goats

I’m so excited and can’t wait to tell The High Plainsboy and girl!!!

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