Who Butters Your Biscuits?

My husband loves homemade biscuits. I think that’s why he married me! I’ve perfected them at altitude. Here in CO we are at 6800 feet elevation and the High Plains Cabin is at 7400 feet so I won’t have to make adjustments once we move. Whew. It was challenging for me to learn how to bake at high altitude. Over 3000 feet required adjustments or stuff falls flat. I cooked my fair share of hockey puck biscuits before figuring it out. 

Now they are light and fluffy. I’ve learned the most from this cook book called Pie in the Sky. The author tested her recipes at sea level, 3000, 5000, 7000 and 10,000 feet. Everything I’ve made has turned out perfectly. 

I’m showing you in pictures because I don’t want to plagiarize her recipe. 

The High Plainsman is happy. 

7 thoughts on “Who Butters Your Biscuits?

  1. I’m delighted to see people using the expertise found in “Pie in the Sky.” I have to stay low-carb these days to control my blood sugar so baking is off my agenda, but back when I was churning out baked goods, every recipe in that book worked.

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    • It’s such a great cookbook! I love to bake and figuring out adjustments is tough. I have to be careful of it, not for blood sugar, but my waistline. If it’s there I will eat on it all day. My husband does not have that problem at all!

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