Wildflower Meadow



The High Plains Cabin sits on 35 acres of Wyoming prairie, meaning it’s a wide open space.

These pictures were taken over winter and late spring before anything had a chance to bloom so we don’t really know if there are wild flowers growing on the land or not but I’m guessing not from the looks of it. We will see July 7th how things are looking!

In the mean time I’m planning to spread wildflower seed mix on an acre or so. We’d like to keep bees but will need pollinators to feed them. I’ve been researching what grows best in our zone, 4b, and what is deer resistant since deer and antelope are plentiful. My plan is to put out 6 lbs of seed over an acre and see how it goes the first year. It will include zinnia, poppies, Colorado Columbine, Showy Goldeneye, Bee Plants, lupine, black eyed susan and more. Some of the mixes have up to 27 types of flowers. I figure variety is best, something is bound to grow. I’ve picked out four different one pound seed types and two different one pound mixes.

American Meadows  sells bulk wildflower seed mixes that are non-GMO and neonicotinoid free and they have a search feature that allows you to filter out my zone, deer resistant and bee friendly mixes. I’m super excited about this! The mixes have perennials and annuals so the flower meadow will come back each year and I plan to add to it each year. Hopefully all goes well that first year then we can look into getting bees feeling a little better about the ability to feed them.

Wind River Seed is a Wyoming local business that has a lot of great information on their website about WY specific growing. They also sell reclamation mixes that are native to WY as well as cover crops like alfalfa which we will definitely plant since we have goats and one day a cow. That’s a different project from the flower meadow and will cover several other acres.

We’ve talked a lot about how much of our land isn’t “usable” but I guess that’s if you are thinking of farming it. Gardening for food production is more challenging but there are so many things we can use our land for and I’m so excited to put it to use!


4 thoughts on “Wildflower Meadow

    • That would be perfect for that hill! And it’s pretty and good for the bees. I’m probably more excited about my meadow than I should be but fresh cut flowers will be nice and I really want to keep bees! Since the seed mixes have annuals and perennials I expect the biggest expense to be the first year then I can spend minimally each year to expand it. I sure hope it works!

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