Closing and Moving Update

Our closing date has been updated and set for July 5th! We have movers coming July 7th to pack us up and we will stay in the High Plains Cabin that night then they will unload the next day.


see all that firewood? There’s about that much more on the side of the house too and it’s being left for us! I do intend to spruce up the porch and not use it for wood storage, however. 

We are so excited that the High Plainsman couldn’t fall asleep last night 🙂 He was really excited to change the closing date because he was worried about his aquarium. He has a 190 gallon salt water/reef aquarium and moving that is not a small project. The fish and coral have to be packed up in buckets and driven the almost 3.5 hours away. He can’t get stuck in traffic in Denver and risk them over heating so driving them up the day we close then having the movers pack the ginormous and very heavy tank/cabinet relieves a lot of stress for him.


I’m relieved because I am impatient and don’t like gray areas so getting the final approval from the bank was a huge weight off of my shoulders. It’s getting real and now I don’t have to hold back on packing anymore! We have already started and have about 20 boxes filled but it’s been a half hearted effort out of fear that the loan would fall through. Self employment makes it more complicated and since this is our forever home we are making an investment. Now that this part is secure I can finally BREATH!


several rooms in my house look like this! 

The seller has FINALLY started the mandatory repairs that are required for the house to close and the estimated finish date is June 12th so we have plenty of time there. I’m calling to get carpet people out there to give us an estimate on replacing the carpet upstairs the day after closing so that when we arrive on July 7th it’s already ready already.

Tomorrow we go meet our goats Tapioca and Grace!

It’s really happening!!


3 thoughts on “Closing and Moving Update

  1. I tried following you and it isn’t working for me for some reason? Do you allow followers? I’m relatively new to blogging and use my phone/app to do so almost exclusively, so if I’m missing something, let me know. Congratulations on the moving! It’s quite exciting and I’m happy for you guys!

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