We Met Our Goats!

We had an awesome morning meeting our goats! Grace and Tapioca are so sweet and cute, we can’t wait to take them home! Our patient Linda wants to send these two gals to a good home and we are so happy to be the ones to take them. They are very playful and friendly and have the sweetest faces. We fed them sunflower seeds and petted them and watched them play. They were very curious about us and a little shy. The mama goats were all over us, they loved the sunflower seeds!


We also got a milking lesson since neither of us had ever milked anything. The High Plainsman is the only one who gave it a go. Both kids were too shy to try and so was I  I was wearing the baby.

The High Plainsgirl fell in love with Linda’s horse, Magic. I wasn’t expecting that. She wasn’t the least bit afraid of the horse and I had to pry her away. She asked no less than 5 times if she could get a horse. I told her when she’s old enough to do all the work of taking care of a horse we would talk about it.


After milking we went into the house and made mozzarella cheese. This is a life changer for us because neither myself or The High Plainsman can eat cows dairy. He gets sick from it and my nursling can’t tolerate it so we have been dairy free for a long time now. We drank the goats milk Linda gave us the other week with no issues so we are super excited to be able to make cheese for pizza, ice cream, coffee creamer and other dairy goodness that we’ve been missing.

The mozzarella was delicious! We are making home made pizza tonight and I’ll share that in another post. I’ve decided that once we get moved into the High Plains Cabin that I’m going to buy a hand crank ice cream maker and put my kids to work. I’m also making whey bread from the leftovers from the cheese making. I’ll share that as well.

We are so grateful to Linda for her generosity and wisdom. It was really nice to learn from her and also spend time with someone who has a similar lifestyle and interests that we have. We can’t wait to take the girls home!

3 thoughts on “We Met Our Goats!

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