Goat Cheese Mozzarella Pizza

We are so excited to be able to eat goat cheese! We have been cow’s dairy free for a while because the High Plainsman can’t tolerate it and my nursling, the High Plainsbaby, can’t tolerate when I eat it. Goat dairy is much easier to digest and many people who can’t eat cows dairy can tolerate raw goat milk. It’s not as inflammatory and the proteins are more easily digested.  After we met our goats the other day we made mozzarella and made pizza for dinner that night.

First, I made a dough that I pre-baked for a few minutes

Then I made a quick pizza sauce and used basil from my plant in the window…

Next I thinly sliced the block of freshly made goat mozzarella made just a few hours earlier

And topped the pizzas

I baked for about 12 minutes

It was enjoyed by all and best of all the High Plainsman felt just fine after eating it.

We can’t wait for our goats to be old enough to breed and milk!

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