You Can’t Just Call the Carpet People

Really, you can’t.

We are leaving a CITY with a metro area of over 700,000 people and moving to a STATE with fewer than 600,000 people. Our new town will have about 30,000 people, half of which are college students, leaving a permanent population of about 15,000. That number hasn’t changed AT ALL since 1990….

The High Plainsman and I are both small town people. His home town in western Nebraska has 2000 people and my home town in south Alabama has about 12,000 but we’ve both spent most of our adult lives in bigger towns and cities, therefore, we have become citified. We are realizing this through our home buying process and we both know that we will need to make some adjustments. The biggest thing will be on timing. Things run more slowly on small town time than they do on city time. We are used to lots of options and competition in the market. That doesn’t really exist so much in southern prairie Wyoming.

I called the local carpet place to see about setting up a measurement appointment to replace the upstairs. It’s four bedrooms and a hallway. I want it done the day after we close which is the day before we arrive. The lady said she couldn’t guarantee an installation date because “what if my tech breaks his arm the day before and can’t work??”  I then called four other carpet places in Cheyenne hoping they’d make the 55 mile trip out to the High Plains Cabin. One place would not, two did not answer or return my call and the fourth and last said yes. With the other local place that makes five carpet places that I reached out to.

You can’t just call the carpet people to come measure. It takes a few days to find someone to do it.

They measured today though so yay!

And our realtor sent us a pic of the repair on the garage…

Before and after

This repair is required in order to close. There will be another inspection by the VA once it’s done. While it looks a million times better there are clearly still warped panels. It looks like they only painted over and did not replace it. The High Plainsman doesn’t think it will pass inspection. I kind of figured the cheapest way out would be taken and that the job wouldn’t be done as well as if we did it ourselves but I at least hoped that it would be done right. I guess we will see what happens.

2 thoughts on “You Can’t Just Call the Carpet People

  1. I totally get the need for patience living in a small town. City living was so convenient, with so many options for services, and you can get answers almost immediately. Now there’s very few options, if any, and you need to pay for others to travel out to you. But I wouldn’t change living in the wide open space for anything.

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    • That’s how I feel. I wouldn’t trade it, it’s something we both want and have wanted for a long time so it’s worth it. I think once we are there and settled it will be easy to acclimate. We have some big projects that we will be working on so I’m sure that will be interesting but none of it will be on a real time line other than our own. Closing and moving creates those more time sensitive deadlines and I will be glad to be past that part.

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