This Year’s Urban Garden

We had big plans for our garden this year and then we decided to move to Wyoming in the middle of the summer! We went ahead  and planted our seedlings because we had worked so hard on them and some lettuce because that grows quickly. We decided not to bother with the rest of it. We move in four weeks so I don’t even know if we will really have any tomatoes by then. We’ve only had about four weeks of non-freezing temps at night so they’ve been in the ground only a month. The tomatoes are blooming so we might have a few. I’m hoping the real estate agent will come by and water to keep them up until someone moves into the house!

Arugula, kale, chard, salad mix… The arugula is ready to be picked

16 tomato plants that includes purple haze cherry tomato, early girl and romas…there are a dozen or so pepper plants behind the cages

Broccoli that I let my kids plant so some of  them are leggy…


And that’s it for this year! We are moving mid season so we won’t be able to start anything once we get to our homestead. Everything will be preppimg for next year. 

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