Homemade Bread For a Year

For a while I’d been thinking that I should make all the bread we need. If I don’t make it, we don’t need it. Then I read Homesteading…But…Not’s post on The Year of Bread and decided that I was also going to bake of our bread for a year. Ever since I discovered the cookbook Pie in the Sky, I have loved making bread! Everything turns out perfectly with the altitude adjusted recipes.  We are currently at 6800 feet here in Colorado and will be at 7400 feet at the High Plains Cabin so thankfully I’ll continue using all my current recipes with no additional adjustment.

In addition to loving baking and how amazing fresh bread is, I want to serve a good clean organic bread that I know exactly what’s in it for pennies on the dollar for what it would cost to buy the same thing.

This week I’ve made basic white bread. It’s a small loaf and lasted exactly two days between the High Plainsman and I. I’m hoping that if I always have fresh bread in the house that I’ll learn portion control (darn).

Today I made baguettes. The recipe makes three loaves. I’ll keep one out and wrap the other two air tight and put in the refrigerator.



I’d like to make rolls for sandwiches as well as hamburger and hotdog buns to freeze but I’ll wait until after we move in three weeks. I also want to get all the ingredients to make a really hearty seedy whole grain bread so we aren’t eating that delicious white bread all the time (darn).

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