Urban Garden Update

I planted knowing we were moving midsummer but I only planted a few things.  The tomatoes are looking beautiful and should be producing soon. Here in zone 5 it’s a later harvest for us, even starting them inside in February. 

The lettuces have been coming in for a while and we’ve enjoyed it. I’ll cut again this weekend. The arugula is done. 

The broccoli still had a ways to go but they look beautiful 

Since we are leaving in two weeks our neighbor will take care of everything until our house sells. I hope she gets tons of tomatoes!! I’m so glad she is willing to do it, I’d hate for them to die or go to waste. There are three kinds of plants: Roma, beef steak and a purple haze cherry tomato. I also have about a dozen pepper plants but they are nowhere near ready yet. They will be enjoying the broccoli in about a month.

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