No A/C Needed

Right now the temps here on the prairie are mid 80s high and low 50s lows. It’s not hot during the heat of the day in the house though (well, when your not doing the manual labor of moving!) so no air conditioning is needed. Our house doesn’t have a/c at all. We have a couple of portable units for bedtime but we won’t need them here like we did in Colorado. I think the log house keeps the heat out better than a conventional house. Every room has a ceiling fan and we have a ton of windows. It cools off quickly at night and by bed time we need covers. When we wake up it’s chilly.

For someone southern born and raised it’s truly amazing not to need a/c…in July… or feel like I’m going to have (another) heat stroke.

What I’m really looking forward to is firing up this thing on a chilly crisp fall morning…


We have a central heating system ran off of propane. We have a hookup for another wood burning (or pellet stove is what we are leaning towards) in the basement so between that and the main level stove above we won’t use the central heat all the time. The propane tank is extra large and costs about $1200 to fill (we acquired it at 70% full) and will last a year or more if we use our stoves. We were fortunate enough to acquire enough wood to last through our first winter and we can get beetle kill for free when we need it, we only need to buy a permit and load up a chainsaw so the more we use our stoves the longer our gas lasts.




Morning on the prairie is so peaceful

As a side note, we have well water and septic also. We will be adding a second well to the property in the near future. We also plan to install a wind turbine and solar panels in the next year and at that point we will be 100% off grid (with power grid backup). There’s something really satisfying about being in charge of our needs.

3 thoughts on “No A/C Needed

  1. Your new home is gorgeous. I agree waiting for the final approval and the worry of the loan falling through is the worst part of buying a home.


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