Homesteading Week One


Moving is traumatic but I guess it’s easier when you know it’s your last move until your kids check you into a nursing home…

Wait…even then we aren’t leaving here. If we get too old to live on our on the High Plainsboy will take care of us. We talked about building a tiny house out by our (future) pond for us so he and his family can live in the log house because he’s probably never leaving. They can take care of us!

Anyway, we’ve moved in and the week has been a whirlwind of non stop work to get the house settled. We are about 70% done. The kitchen, living room, dining room, master bed and bath, and kids rooms and bath are all functional and done except decor. The basement and garage are getting there. The High Plainsman’s 200 gallon salt water aquarium is up and running but we did have some major loses with the fish…most of them died and it wasn’t even the ones that made the trip up early. We think they were over heated. It as pretty sad. 

The High Plainsman also had an accident that resulted in a broken finger and stitches when an avalanche of furniture fell in the moving truck the very first night we arrived. He’s doing better every day though. 

As for homesteading work, we are preparing our temporary goat pen because the girls come in two weeks!  We are clearing the shelter, reinforcing it and making it safe from coyotes (which we heard howling last night), fixing the fencing and cleaning the ground. This will be home for a couple of months until we build the goat barn. Our goal is to have it done by October 1st. 

We are also working on a lawn. We have a side yard and front yard and the High Plainsboy has become the official grounds keeper. He’s been watering and moving sprinklers around for the last three days and today he spread seed. 

We also made a temporary compost bin. I’ll share that in another post! 

Ok back to work for me!! 

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