Goat Pen Update: Mama Got it Done 

The High Plainsman was working in Colorado this week so I had to finish to getting the goat pen ready. The goats are coming home with him. We converted what we think was an old dog run into a temporary goat pen until we can get our barn built. We did not intend on having goats until next year but then a patient offered her two baby goats to us and we couldn’t resist.

This was the pen before

Before leaving town we had already cleaned it out and installed fencing to the floor of the shelter prevent coyotes from digging in at night.

While he was gone I did the following:

  • Reinforced the shelter… I screwed in any loose boards and tightened down any loose screws.
  • I closed off one of the doors. It was kind of flimsy and there’s no need for it anyway so I boarded up. One less away for coyotes to potentially get in.
  • Added an extra hinge to the second door and reinforced it with more plywood and scrap wood. 
  • Added a hook to the door so that I could hold it open with a chain
  • Installed a homemade hay feeder. I used an old tote that I cut out with a Dremel tool
  • Installed a water bucket in the hopes that they can’t tip it over
  • Filled the shelter with fresh straw for bedding
  • Hung a fence feeder for grain and minerals
  • Hug a cowbell for play. I also have a tetherball that needs to be blown up and a couple of scrub brushes so they can scratch their backs
  • Had The High Plainsboy roll a stump in for them to stand on, I need to get a few more in there.
  • Installed fabric shade with zip ties and a butt ton of heavy-duty staples  
  • Lined up some old pallets to keep the late afternoon sun out 

I hope they like their new home! This is it into our get barn is built. Hopefully we can have it done before winter! 

I feel like I had a very successful week. Only thing that I did not get done was install a lock on the shelter door. The High Plainsman has one with him to put up when he gets back with the goats.

2 thoughts on “Goat Pen Update: Mama Got it Done 

  1. Looking forward to seeing the next stages. The fence posts rails and gate seem to be very high quality: in the uk, that sort of system tends to be used in public works, eg around a playground or say a small pumping station. Perhaps the previous owner got them pre-owned? They look a bit low for ordinary goats, but presumably fine for pygmies?

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    • It is not uncommon for people to use chain-link fencing for yards in America. It is low for goats. They are not pygmies, one of the La Mancha and the other a Nubian but they are young and overweight so they can’t make it over right now. We should have their goat barn and higher fence finished before they could make that leap


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