Freezing Veggies

We don’t have any good options for organic produce here. I had hoped but it’s dismal. We have super Walmart and Safeway as the main grocery stores.  There is a food co-op downtown but I haven’t been yet and I think they have some construction stuff going on. The Walmart here has way less organic options than the ones in Colorado and  the organic stuff in the grocery stores are way more expensive than I’m used to paying for. So, the High Plainsman made a trip to Costco in Fort Collins yesterday. It’s about an hour and 15 minutes away. He stocked us up on various meats for the freezer and veggies. 

I’ve asked for an All American Pressure Canner for my birthday but that’s not until next month. This is the one that I want

So, I’m making do and freezing veggies today. Thankfully we have a deep freezer. 

First up: green beans

Blanch for 2-3 minutes 

Cool in an ice bath

Drain and pay dry

Then bag in freezer bags

The faster you can get into the freezer the less likely to be mushy or icy. 

I also have asparagus, carrots, broccoli and cauliflower rice to do today.  This makes me excited for the next gardening season. I also need to find a CSA so that we can buy a half a cow. We will raise our own meat chickens next year.  

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