Cast Iron Muffin Tin: Flea Market Find

The High Plainsman took the Plainsboy and Plainsgirl to town today and they made a flea market pit stop. The kids got cowboy boots: 

And he found me a cast iron muffin tin! I’ve been wanting one and told him any time he was out like that to buy whatever cast iron treasures he came across. I cook almost exclusively with my cast iron pans and Dutch oven and want to expand my collection.

I scrubbed it with a soap and water first. The I scrubbed it with oil and kosher salt.

I rinsed that off and coated it with more oil

Then I put it in the oven upside down at 350 for an hour. 

I decided, on a whim, that I wanted to test drive it so I whipped up some lemon poppyseed muffins. I knew I had all the ingredients so it was an easy choice. 

I line most of the cup with muffin liners since we are at 7400 feet and i’ve never made muffins in a cast-iron 10 before and wasn’t sure how they would do. I left two without liners just to see how it turned out.

I was also seasoning one of my skillets…

15 minutes later and we had lemon poppyseed muffins! The unlined muffins popped right out no problem! I was very excited about this. Freshly seasoned cast-iron is amazing.

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