Weekend Homesteading Work

Today the High Plainsman added some extra fence support since the goats were rubbing their backs on the chain link causing it to bow out. We will be using cattle panel with the new goat barn. 

The High Plains boy and girl spent some time reading on the porch this morning. It was about 68 degrees, no wind and sunny…very nice

The High Plainsman then dug a trench in front of our driveway to divert water. The garage is at the bottom of a hill so when it rains water goes in. We still have to clear the grass from the side and probably add more driveway material but it’s a good start 

The High Plainsgirl picked up some trash 

The High Plainsboy spread the dirty goat bedding over what will be our wildflower meadow. You can also see the lawn we are working on. There’s green!! All that poop and straw is great for the soil. Also, great view of a storm rolling in, right??

As for me, I’m just piddling around the house and thinking I need to vacuum these stair treads again …they pick up everything. We got them in last week. I ordered them on Etsy to help with slips and falls, we are a clumsy bunch. And since we are the Bares we have bears 😜

One thought on “Weekend Homesteading Work

  1. D > 68degF is about the same as here in the Outer Hebrides – but we have a maritime climate, and you a continental climate. So we’re thinking you’re at a high altitude, and your winters will be very cold (hence logs stacked on the deck). Loose mats on the stairs is a safety no-no. After various trials we’ve gone back to bare boards for the stairs (a matt varnish) – and keep it free of wet and dust: less work, safer.


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