Mucking the Goat Shelter

I spent half an hour mucking out the shelter this morning. It was pretty gross since they had to spend a lot of time in there because of rain the other day. We usually try to scoop out any poop and peed on straw each day but Sunday got skipped and it was gross. 

So I rolled my wagon down to the pen and of course I wore my gloves. Homesteader or not I still want nice hands and nice nails!

And got to work. I can’t wait until we get our goat barn built and have some head clearance space… I can’t tell you how many times I’ve banged my head coming out this door. Some of the materials that we were waiting on to build the barn arrive today so we will start building the barn this week!

We fed Grace and Tapioca their grains and minerals…

The High Plainsboy refilled the alfalfa bucket… They had eaten almost all of it! Their appetites have really picked up after settling in here and since they are now officially weaned from their mamas nursing

The girls wanted some love too…they like to get right up in my face as close as they can

The shelter was much cleaner and fresher after all the mucking

And when we were done we had a wagon full of poopy straw to spread on the wildflower meadow site

Happy Monday! 

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