The Year of Bread: Hearty Grain

Since we moved to the homestead I haven’t been baking. I’ve been in unpacking and get stuff done mode but things are settling and I’m reclaiming some time back so today I made bread and cookies. 

The beard was from my trust Pie in the Sky book that has altitude tested recipes. We are st 7400 feet here so all recipes have to be modified. I don’t want to plagiarize the recipe but I’ll share my pictures!

This bread is so wholesome. It has whole wheat, flax meal, flax seed, super seed granola mix, poppy seed, sesame seed, chia, walnuts and wheat germ. 

Mixing up the dry goodies

I added in the wet ingredients which included water, avocado oil, buttermilk, salt and honey and i out my dough hook on and let it do its thing for 7-8 minutes

This bread has three rises: 30 minutes, 25 minutes and the last is 20 minutes 

I shaped it and baked it

So good!!! It was very dense and almost a meal by itself 

I also baked some cookies for the freezer. I can’t bake the whole batch at once because I’ll snack on them all day long. I freeze the dough balls and take out one for each of us after dinner 

One thought on “The Year of Bread: Hearty Grain

  1. J & D > That’s some bread. Folk who do physical work outdoors need good wholesome filling and battery-charging food like this. Looks good, bet it smells wonderful! And then there’s there’s the ritual of cutting, butter-spreading, and then that magic moment as you get a moutful of newly-made bread. Mmmm.. Right, lunchtime, and we’ve got sour-dough brea …


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