This Week’s Baking

I decided to start doing most of my baking all on one day for the whole week. Since I’m baking all of our bread for year and maybe beyond it takes a little time. Some of this will go in the freezer, we will not eat all of it in one week. We could eat it all in one week… But it’s going in the freezer!!!

Breakfast muffins: whole wheat, flax, chia, blueberry. Hearty and dense, healthier than a regular muffin. I am loving my new cast-iron muffin tin and I am very excited for the rise I got on this batch of muffins. At 7400 feet altitude it is an accomplishment!

Challah…it’s a family favorite and everyone always requests it. Two loaves for the freezer, one for right away. The High Plainsgirl helped braid a loaf 

Baguette…because it’s easy

And Grandma Bare’s Applesauce cookies because the High Plainsman requested them 

When I was done I had the High Plainskids on clean up duty. They are doing it with no complaining because I’m giving them a cookie before dinner 

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