First Week of The Homeschool Year Wrapup 

We started school this past Monday. We started a week earlier than I had intended because we really just needed something to do. I think I was somewhat anxious about how it was going to go also, so for me that just means diving in. The first couple of days were pretty stressful. Getting the kids to switch gears from playing and free ranging all day to actually having to do some work was a little rough. I also have to balance an eight-month-old baby in the mix. My ADHD child does not transition well with change and just simply getting him to sit down and try to work can be very difficult. He is predominately I type so there is no hyperactivity but focusing is very difficult for him. 

After a few meltdowns (mostly mine), some stern talks about homeschool expectations (mostly to myself), rethinking why I am even doing this to begin with and seriously considering calling the school district to enroll them and then getting through the rest of the week, we ended very well. By Wednesday we were starting to adjust to our new schedule and routine and Thursday and Friday were both awesome days. 

I learned that the High Plainsboy needs lots of “brain breaks.” He is much more productive and engaged when he gets a mini break after each subject or a long lesson. About every 30 minutes requires about 10 minutes of movement and down time. Our schedule is flexible and more about how long a lesson should take rather than what time it should start. 

Usually he goes outside but sometimes he plays with the baby. (The kids picked out the baby’s outfit)

The High Plainsgirl does really great with focus but learning to work independently is something both kids will need to improve on. She is very project oriented so completing a lesson is a big source of satisfaction for her. She enjoys pretty much all of her work. She also enjoys being a nut. She says that homeschool is fun. 

For PE we took a walk several times and did an egg race. The High Plainsman has been around off and on during the day so there was a lot of catch for PE. Doesn’t everyone play baseball amongst goats?

I was even able to get my own workouts in and a shower, normally before noon! This took some dedication and a few reminders that “unless the house is on fire or you are bleeding, you do not need me while I’m showering….” 

We were going to go to town and to the library today but the kids didn’t want to go (?!?!). They said their books weren’t due back until august 18th so they didn’t see any reason to go. 

Well alrighty then

All in all it was a good week. I know each week will get easier and run more smoothly and I’m glad that we made this decision. 

What I’ve learned:

  • Both kids like school and truly want to do well
  • Separating them is always better
  • Be flexible
  • Schedules are suggestions
  • Some days it won’t go as planned
  • Independent work is a big goal of mine as a homeschool mom
  • Things are easier when the baby naps well
  • I’m happier once my workout is done and I get to shower 
  • Coffee is important 

I’m sure we will learn a lot more in a short time! 

3 thoughts on “First Week of The Homeschool Year Wrapup 

  1. Having an ADHD kiddo myself, I have found some amazing things that work, which are medication free. An exercise ball instead of a chair is, by far, our favorite tool. Another thing we have found that works well, are fidget cubes. He holds one in his hand while reading, writing, or watching videos. We also homeschool, but we homeschool through a charter school so, he has an entire support network that helps him to succeed. Your littles are absolutely adorable. I truly believe feral children are the best. Their wildness makes for some amazing creativity.


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