Free Ranging

We let our goats out to browse. They love it! We actually tether Grace. She is very gentle and agreeable and a great goat thethering candidate. She’s always supervised and she’s very happy being leashed. There are those that say never to tether but we are very comfortable with it for her. Tapioca, on the other hand, is a terrible choice for it. She can be skittish and a bit dumb and we worry about her getting tangled and panicking. The answer for her is to let her free range. She won’t go anywhere without Grace and she’s more than happy to just browse close by.  Once Grace goes back in the pen, Tapi happily follows her back in. We aren’t worried about predators, especially while we are out there and we always are. The biggest threat is Tucker, our Golden Retriever, so we leave him inside. We have been working on this all week and everyone is comfortable, happy and safe. We are working up to getting them in the yard to clear some brush. 

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