Our Homeschooling Day

We are starting to get into a good routine which helps my Type A – personality feel a little less anxious. The baby is cutting top teeth and is not very consolable but otherwise we are moving along. The kids are starting to work more independently and they are finishing tasks in a timely manner. 

I think they are learning something!

Calvert (Our curriculum) is helpful in that the lessons are planned and all the material is there all spelled out. The lesson manuals are very thorough as are the student text books and workbooks.  

To the Nth degree

It’s almost overwhelming. It takes a dedicated student to get through every single detail of this rigid curriculum. I feel like the curriculum as a whole is very complete and that children that use it are probably getting a good well-rounded education. I also feel like as a homeschool mom I reserve the right to check off some of the busywork because playing outside and doing chores are also important. I don’t want our homeschool day to be 8 hours long…

Overall I am happy with the program so far. We are only in week two so we will see as the school year progresses! 

Poor teething baby!

The High Plainsgirl really like using these letter magnets

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