Working Out at Home 

Many people know that at one time I owned the largest pre and postnatal fitness program in the country. I had over 30 employees and 14 locations. I also held various fitness instruction certifications. After my 2nd baby I lost 85lbs. I was never over weight before children but I had huge weight gains in my pregnancies and I paid for it big time. I ended up losing the baby weight, the I got married weight and even the college freshman 15 and was, at my lowest, just above my weight when I graduated high school. 

I worked HARD for that. Too hard. And it was hard to maintain. I fluctuated a good 10lbs. I ran marathons…the full 26.2. I got remarried and gained *ahem* some happy fat. Six months later I was pregnant. I that pregnancy I worked hard to be healthy and I’m so glad I did. I felt awesome. I had a super easy home birth. I was back under pre Preg weight by 4 months postpartum. My baby is now 8 Months old and most of my clothes fit. Some pants still struggle in the hips buts I’m still nursing so I suspect my friend relaxin is at work there. 

When we moved I knew I’d have to find a new outlet to work out. I was a member at a big fancy club gym in Colorado but we don’t have that here in Wyoming. We have a nice rec center but the child care is very limited and can’t accommodate us. 

So…I’m working out at home

I’ve NEVER done this. 

But I have to because if you read my blog you know I love to cook and bake and I can look at a cheeseburger and gain weight! I am not trying to get back to my fittest or lightest. Weight loss is no longer my goal or motivator. I just want to wear my pants! 

I have my very own office space in our new house so I carved out a little workout station and with the help of the internet (thank you for satellite internet that has a strong enough signal to stream…most of the time!) I’m making it happen. Between homeschooling my big two and nursing my 8 month old I have limited time and a small window each day but I make it happen because I need it for ME

I’m also glad that I’ve found a peaceful place with fitness and weight. I’ve put a lot of energy and focus on it for a lot of years to the point of it consuming too much of my brain power. I feel like for the first time I’m getting to a more healthy balance mentally and it feels good. 

I’m also glad to be able to do my own thing and not be immersed in a big fitness business or even have to take time out of the day and deal with traffic and long lines at the gym. 

I’m pretty happy with this new set up. I do miss runnning so I will be working that and hopefully getting a good treadmill by winter. 

For all you mamas that think you can’t, you truly can. If I can do it anyone can. I promise! 

*disclaimer: I’m not interested in online coaching or being in a support group or selling anything! 

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