Stroller Workout in Town

Today we took a homesteading break and spent half the day in  town hosting a mommy and me stroller fitness workout. The High Plainsman and I used to love to work together before we sold my pre/post natal fitness franchise. We both feel like moms do not get enough support in the early years and since we are right there in the thick of it with a baby again, we decided I should come out of instructor retirement and teach a stroller class. 

This was the first class that I’ve taught in over three years! I was a little nervous and definitely felt rusty. I even started losing my voice. We had 19 mamas come. Since we are new to town it was a lot of fun to meet some other moms. Even my big kids had a blast running around. I had a lot of fun teaching and the moms seemed happy with the class. Several asked me if it could be a regular thing so we decided to do it every Friday. I told them I’d teach if they’d come! 

We aren’t going to charge for the class. This is just something free for the community since we have made Laramie our forever home. It’s a fun way for the kids and I to meet others and since we have our Physical Therapy practice in downtown Laramie, it’s a good way for the High Plainsman to contribute by offering free talks and answering questions. Today he discussed relaxin and the effects on the postpartum body and also c section scars. 

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