Clothes Line

I’ve wanted a clothes line for years but they are quite frowned upon in suburbia!  I use cloth diapers and the sunshine and fresh air are so good for them. I also figure in our effort to reduce our footprint and be more self sustaining a clothes line is a must. 

Our utilities bill was $400 a month in CO. Here it’s $110 but I figure at least half of that is running that darn dryer. To dry a load of diapers takes about 100 minutes. I’m excited to see what it will be now!

And what would outdoor work be without a couple of free ranging goats??

The OG (original goat) felt left out. 

Plus he looks handsome from getting his hair did yesterday. 

Lastly, the High Plainsboy and I smoked a brisket today. 

We are looking forward to the weekend. It is the first Wyoming home game and we are ready to tailgate!    

2 thoughts on “Clothes Line

  1. J & D > What’s that we read? Both of us took a double. A double-take. In suburbia, washing lines are frowned upon? … … … … We’re dumbfounded. Still, glad you’re getting one put up. Nothing, no nothing, beats collecting sun-dried washing! And the UV light is a biocide, as well. A breeze is better than heat for drying, and for the clothes. Here in the islands there’s the tradition of the drying green: four poles arranged in a square, out in the field adjacent to the croft house. It’s a landscape of scattered houses and washing on the line. Here’s Mike Scott (of The Waterboys) lyrics from his song Wonders of Lewis “Wonders of Lewis / Blowing my mind / Stoning me blind / In the mid-summertime / Mist in the hollows / And clothes on the line / Blowing my mind”


  2. There was a bylaw in Calgary, AB (where we moved from last year) that prevented us from putting up a line as well. I was ecstatic when my husband put ours up a few weeks ago, and we’ve been using it to dry everything since. Nothing beats the smell of sunshine on your clothes.


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