Tailgating Homesteaders 

People laugh when we tell them that we moved to Laramie for football but it’s not entirely untrue. When we were trying to decide where to move being able to get season tickets to the Wyoming Cowboys was a huge swaying factor. Along with no income tax, football made Laramie jump some of our earlier front runners. 

This past weekend was our first game. We arrived at our assigned tailgate spot at 10am or so for the 2pm game. 

The lot ended up filling up but it was comfortable. The indoor training facility had a ton of activities for the kids and we were right outside the door. There was a mixup in exactly what spot was ours so we won’t be that close next weekend but we will still be very close. They also had a live band, beer garden, and free food for Cowboy Joe Club members but we planned our own food and did not eat theirs. 

The Cowboy Walk was fun and the band marched around tailgate alley for a good half hour before they went into the stadium. 

I wasn’t sure if I would take the baby to the game but by game time she was still doing fine so we went for it. She ended up falling asleep and slept through most of it! I had noise canceling headphones for her. It was a great $15 investment.  


We are looking forward to the rest of the season! 

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