Fresh Tomatoes and Peaches

I got 50lbs of tomatoes and 50lbs of peaches from a local farm….Harmony Harvest. They are about 30 minutes from Laramie but they drove into town for pickup which was really nice. The cost was only $1 per pound so $100 for 100 lbs! 

The quality is great. There were two tomatoes that had been squished in transit and a few that were pretty ripe so I can’t let them sit for long but basically all 50 pounds is usable. The peaches are fantastic. A handful are ready to eat but they can sit until I’m ready to deal with them on Sunday no problem. They smell awesome. The flavor for both the tomatoes and peaches are outstanding and better than grocery store bought. 

Moving in the middle of growing season has been tough and we are really looking forward to harvesting our own stuff next year but right now I’m very excited to can these this weekend. It should yield about 18 quarts of tomatoes and 18 quarts of peaches for my dry storage pantry. 

Since the tomatoes are pretty ripe I don’t want them to sit until I’m ready to can them on Sunday so I’m prepping them today.

I will definitely be buying from Harmony again!  

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