Potato Canning Mishap Turned Into Soup

I bought 100lbs of fresh from the ground russet and red potatoes from a gal here in town last week. I canned my first 7 quarts and all was going perfectly until I turned the heat off and let them depressurize and the FORGOT about them for four hours! 

I had a little liquid loss

Since I lost half or more of my liquid I needed to go ahead and use them. I made potato soup. The High Plainsgrandparents were here and love potato soup so it worked out. Especially since the weather was cold and rainy and they helped the High Plainsman work on our goat barn all day. I figured feeding them well was the least I could do. 

This soup is not for anyone counting calories! But it sure was good!!

I didn’t use a recipe but can give a rough one…

7 quarts of cooked cubed potatoes 

A pack of bacon

A bunch of celery

One red onion, one yellow onion

A  wood spoonful of garlic 

4 cans condensed milk

4 cups chicken broth 

Cook the bacon and put it to the side. Sautee the onions, celery and garlic in about a half a cup of bacon grease in a big pot then dump the potatoes into that. 

In another smaller pot use about a quarter cup of the grease to make a rue with flour…about a half a cup. Slowly add condensed milk and slowly bring to bubbling while stirring frequently. Pour that into the big pot. 

Add the broth and stir

Chop the bacon finely and throw it in

Purée half of the potato mixture and dump back in the big pot. Cook on low for an hour careful not to scorch the bottom. 

One day my kids are going to talk about how to make different things I used to cook and it will be similar to old southern grandma style… Add a pinch of this and a scoop of that 😜   

One thought on “Potato Canning Mishap Turned Into Soup

  1. I think you mean ‘evaporated’ milk? Condensed is usually the sweetened condensed milk for dessert making and evaporated milk is used as a cream base/substitute. I love potato soup! Lucky you that you have food sources available to buy in such large quantities for canning.



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