40lbs of Apples

Sunday I got 40 lbs of freshly picked Colorado gala apples from this guy in town that apparently cleaned house at a u pick it farm. I paid $50 which comes to $1.20 a pound which is a significantly less than the grocery store and of course much fresher. I’m not sure if the gala price but this week honey crisps were $2.88 a pound. The haul looked good with little spoilage and the apples are almost candy sweet.


Today I made and canned apple butter and apple jelly. I got 6 half pints of the butter and 3 half pints and a 4 oz jelly jar of the jelly…and I only used less than 5lbs of apples for that yield! 

The apple went to the butter and the peels and cores to the jelly.


Finished product

We already tore into a jar of apple butter that I did not process for storage. 

I LOVE the beautiful color of the jelly! I did not add food coloring, the peels made this color. 

I still have 35lbs of apples or a bit less due to the fresh apple eating shrinkage. I plan to can another batch of apple butter and also 7 quarts of pie filling and 14 quarts sliced apples…if I did my math right. That should also yield about 15-20 half pints or 30+ jelly jars of apple jelly too. I’ll give away about half as gifts. 

My potato processing is on hold until the apples are done since they have a longer shelf life.

5 thoughts on “40lbs of Apples

  1. I seriously cannot wrap my head around how you are doing all of this canning and homeschooling and caring for a tiny one! Canning is something I have always wanted to do, but have never attempted bc my mom always complained about how hard it was….

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    • I don’t think it’s hard. There’s a process and it’s time consuming but so worth the end result that is a huge time saver. I think I’m a way homeschooling allows me to do more because I’m not running around so much, especially living in the country. If I did school drop off and pick up that would be an hour and 20 minutes a day driving…and we are normally done with our school day before noon. It probably sounds like more than it is…


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