The First Snow of the Season

It always feels magical and exciting and with it being our first one here it truly was this year. This is the earliest I’ve experienced a first snow. In Colorado it was later in October if not November. 

This morning when it started coming down…

It lightly snowed all day and this afternoon we have about 4-5 inches. The kids have played outside most of the day. 

They made snow cones

We did get our school day finished also!

I made a pot hot chocolate so the kids would have some when they came in then I frothed some in my milk frother and made myself a coffee.  

It is so beautiful today and so cozy in our log house. 

3 thoughts on “The First Snow of the Season

  1. J & D > Wow! Snow in October. But yes you are at very high altitude and so far from the sea – so extremes are to be expected. Home-schooling is very rare here in the UK (though stastically more common amongst ultra-religious families – especially muslims) ; but in USA it seems to be so much more commonplace (and generally due to geographical remoteness, or lifestyle reasons), and it’s interesting to see that a market has developed for home-teaching materials, so with such resources available, home-schooling becomes more practicable.


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