PING All In A Day’s Work

Today I put up four half pints and a small jelly jar of apple  butter, six half pints and four small jelly jars of peach jelly and eight half pints and six small jelly jars of apple jelly.

Hearing that PING when they seal is quite satisfying.

I’ve had several people comment on how they can’t believe I get all this done but really it is not hard work. I tend to spend a lot of time in my kitchen anyway and once you get your system down it’s not terribly time-consuming. The baby is at an age where doing this is still very fun to her…

My big kids work fairly independently with homeschool and I time our one on one time and more teaching intensive work around the baby’s naptime. Often times I can talk through lessons with them while I am in the kitchen. I work out in the morning in my office for half an hour before we start school when the baby goes down for a morning nap and I also sit down for an afternoon cup of coffee to myself. 

Right now it is a great balance but I’m not sure how that will all change once I have a mobile baby who does not take two naps a day. For now I am able to be extremely productive 

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