I’m Back!

I haven’t written this blog in the last 8 months because I just got busy. I’m also not a very good writer and an even worse proofreader and despite my advanced degree and qualification to sit the for CPA exam, (which requires some…finesse…) I tend to write the way I talk.

Y’all, I’m from L.A….lower Alabama.

But we have a lot of people ask about it and I found myself posting a lot of Facebook, which I’d really gotten away from for a while, so I thought I’d start back up!

We are approaching our one year anniversary of buying this place and we’ve had a lot happen in the last 8 months since my last post!

We’ve finished (98%) our barn
We built a pen
We’ve had baby goats
We got chickens, turkey and ducks
We’ve done various improvement projects
We bought a shipping container for storage
We had our first winter in WY
We built garden boxes
We burned a LOT of wood
We built a fire pit
We got a redneck swimming pool
We started milking goats
We bought 50 bales of alfalfa

There’s probably a few more things I’ll remember along the way but I plan to do a post for each.  In the mean time, here is a picture of our almost complete goat barn/bird coop…

It is two 10×20 sheds put together. The 400 sq ft total is perfect for our needs right now. The pen is about 3600 sq ft but we have plans to add two 1000 sq ft chicken runs of the back and side of the existing pen so that the goats can’t access them.


One day, if we get a horse and a dairy cow, we will built a full size barn but I need to not have a toddler before I can think of that!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for updates on all our exciting projects!

5 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. Thanks for following. I am following back as I am looking forward to all your projects. You have been pretty busy. We have spent about three years in six month spurts digging our place out of the undergrowth and yes finding time for blogging not easy when your almost dead on your feet from labouring. Judi.


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