40lbs of Cherries

I got 40lbs of cherries this week for $1.75 a pound! So I spent about an hour and a half today pitting the first 20lbs and turning into pie filling. I thought I’d can it but I decided to go ahead and make turnovers, pies and a cobbler and can the other 20lbs plain. Today I made a cobbler with it (separate post) and tomorrow or Friday I’ll make pies and turnovers to freeze.

For the pie filling I used Clear Jel, sugar and of course the cherries. I used one cup of sugar per four cups of fruit (I had 32 cups of fruit so 8 cups of sugar) and I added two cups of clear jel.

I cooked the cherries on low to release their juices then poured a mixture of the sugar and clear jel over it and stirred it in. Then I added a teaspoon each of vanilla, almond, lemon extract and cinnamon.

I let that cooked on low until the sugar/jel had dissolved and thickened.

Now it’s cooling so I can stick it in the basement fridge and use it when I’m ready! I should get 6 pies and 8-12 turnovers out of it. I’ll post when I make them and how I prepare them to freeze. I’ll end up giving away some of it and we will eat the rest over the next year.

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