Home Canned Apricots

This week I got 40lbs of apricots in addition to the 40lbs of cherries that mentioned in another post. I worked on canning them today. I almost always follow the Ball canning guidelines and did so this time with canning the apricots in light simple syrup and a water bath. I prefer not to add sugar when canning fruit but apricots have less sugar than peaches or other sweet fruits so it’s as much about taste as preservation, to me, to can them in a light simple syrup.

For light simple syrup I used

4 cups sugar

2 quarts of water

Bring to a boil

After washing, I halved the apricots and pitted them. I did not peel them. I carefully stacked them into clean jars

I poured the simple syrup in leaving a half inch head space. I saved the leftover to refill my hummingbird feeders.

Before putting the lid on the rim must be wiped off, then the lid is out on and a ring screwed on finger tip tight. I loaded up the jars into my water bath canner that already had boiling water

You should have an inch of water covering the top

Quarts of apricots should be processed for 30 minutes but at 7400 ft altitude an extra 15 minutes should be added so I timed for 45 minutes.

I still have almost 20lbs of apricots left so I’ll can the rest and also make jelly tomorrow. I ran out of sugar today!

I also canned a couple of quarts of green beans. Every couple of months I get 6-8 lbs for $2.50lb for organic from Azure Standard. They have a once a month drop in Laramie. I hope to grow my own next year but for now this works. I try to keep at least 8-10 quarts on hand since my whole family loves them and it’s easy to pop open a jar for any meal. Any time I only have a couple of jars to process I add in a couple of jars of water. Processed water is sterile and you never know when you might need sterile water plus as long as it’s sealed it’s doesn’t expire. In the event of a zombie apocalypse I’d like to have drinking water. Or at least if we lose power since we are on a well!

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