Home Canned Cherries

I got 40lbs of fresh cherries and made pie filling out of the first 20lbs. I sold 10lbs to a friend and I pitted the remaining 10lbs to can.

I started by boiling some water and adding the cherries

The cherries need to be heated all the way through but not cooked so I just brought it back to a boil

I packed the cherries in my clean jars and the ladled the water they were heated in into them

The Ball canning book says that if you do not can with simple syrup then the fruit must be hot packed. I didn’t want to add sugar and I think it limits future use if they are sweetened. Raw packing doesn’t really save much time anyway. I also left 1 inch head space and finger tightened the rings then loaded them into my water bath canner that was already boiling.

They should process for 20 minutes at sea level. I added an extra 15 minutes for my altitude of 7400 ft.

I always pull my canner off the heat when the timer goes off then I pull the jars up to rest a bit before taking them out. This helps limits fluid leakage while they are waiting to seal.

Now I’m enjoying hearing the jars ping! And I have 6 more quarts out up for my family which is very satisfying for me.

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