Weekend Homesteading Wrap Up

I made more cherry turnovers and a pie…

I made 12 jars of Apricot Pepper Jelly

We (and by we I mean HE) put together a trampoline for the big kids

We patched a hole and filled up the 718 gallon stock tank we got at UW Surplus to use as a redneck swimming pool. We paid half of retail for it, got a chlorine floater at Walmart and ordered a $20 solar heating cover from Amazon. The kids are super excited.

We fixed our milking stand so our LaMancha couldn’t pull her earless head out.

We milked more than a full quart off one goat for the first time with the help of this handy milk machine…$140 and a perfect solution to milking a small teat first freshener. Until this I was only getting a pint at most finger milking and dealing with hand cramping. We attempted to milk the other doe this morning but she was super kicky and hobbles didn’t stop her so hopefully tightening down the head hold on the stand and having Tony hold her back legs up (like a wheel barrow) will make it easier. With this milk machine it only take 5-6 minutes to milk out so I don’t need much time but it was nearly impossible to clean her teats and udder or even attempt to get the cups on her. She wouldn’t let me even squeeze her teat to break the seal. She was pretty awful and this morning I was ready to send her to the butcher but we will keep trying and see how it goes.

Lastly, we dewormed, vaccinated and castrated our bucklings. It was our first time castrating but it was surprisingly easy with the bander. They aren’t sure about how they feel just yet so we will see how the afternoon goes! Despite our disbudding attempt, their horns are growing in anyway but we’ve decided to raise them to butcher so we don’t see them as an issue, especially as wethers (castrated). They are having a really great, caring and loving goat life so we are happy with our choices.

I took pictures of a few our 8 weeks old chickens just to show how much they’ve grown!

And I tried to get a picture of our 8 week old ducks but they were being camera shy. The 4 week old ones were hiding.

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