Southern Pepper Sauce

I made Apricot Pepper Jelly and had quite a few jalapeños left over so I made some quick southern Pepper sauce. I love this stuff and have always said Pepper sauce would make a cardboard box taste good. Southerners are pretty serious about their Pepper and hot sauces and even though I’m a Wyomingite now that hasn’t changed. I’ve been training my 10 year old to like spicy for years!

I like Pepper sauce best in blacked eyed peas and collard greens. My husband, who is not southern, goes along with whatever because he’s happy to have home cooking but I don’t think he shares my Pepper sauce enthusiasm. That’s fine, more for me!

I packed up the halved peppers and threw in some sweet peppers for color. I boiled 1 cup of vinegar, 1 tbs sugar and 1 tsp of salt (3 times) and poured it over the peppers. I didn’t process these, they will go straight into the refrigerator.

6 thoughts on “Southern Pepper Sauce

  1. As a fellow transplanted Southerner, I have the same love for hot sauces and peppers. Hubby can’t even handle black pepper. He also doesn’t understand how I can consider mac and cheese a vegetable. He is slowly becoming more accepting of my homecooked comfort foods, but he will never be a hot sauce or pepper lover.


    • That sounds about right! Mine loves my cooking but doesn’t get the hot/Pepper sauce obsession or my love for raw oysters! I’m from south Alabama so fresh seafood and water in general are two things I miss. It’s hard being land locked!


      • I can relate. Oklahoma is completely landlocked and being from Florida, it is really difficult to exist without the ocean and fresh seafood. I was never a fan of oysters, but I love seafood in general. I think I miss shrimp the most. I think the most shocking things for my hubby have been boiled peanuts and fried green tomatoes. He cannot comprehend why anyone would eat mushy peanuts or a tomato before it was ripe.


      • I live less than a mile from a peanut factory. I can buy goobers and cook them fresh in the crockpot. There are peanut fields all around me. The best part is during peanut season when they turn on the dryers and pull up the box trucks to dry them. The whole town smells like roasted peanuts.


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