New Babies

We might need an intervention…

Two weeks ago we received the 15 more birds that we ordered. The hatchery sent 18.

Unfortunately one died right after arrival and one died later that night. We lost a third one the other day.

We started with 6 Black red laced Wyandottes, who will look like this when grown…

6 Dominiques

And 6 lavender Guinea Fowl

We are down to 4 Guineas. I’m not really sure which chick is which but we have 5 of one kind and are still at 6 of the other. That puts our chicken total at 28. We have two confirmed roosters in our pullet group that are now Abiut 12 weeks old and hopefully there are no more in the new group. With that we will have 26 laying hens. We love the roosters and will keep them both as long as there’s not a third. Two roosters should be fine with 26 hens.

The new babies are currently two weeks old

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