We are a family of five that are trading in our city shoes for cowboy boots. We are moving from Colorado Springs, CO to rural Wyoming in July 2017! We are relocating our Physical Therapy practice, homeschooling the kids and homesteading in our log house on 35 acres of southern Wyoming prairie.


We are:

The High Plainsman
The High Plainslady
The High Plainsboy
The High Plainsgirl
The High Plainsbaby

The High Plainsman also has a college aged daughter, The High Plainsgal. She is staying in Colorado for college.

IMG_5057 (1)

One day we will have an updated picture of all of us!

We have had a shared dream of escaping city life for a slower and more simpler country life since we met. The High Plainsman is from rural western Nebraska with a home town of 2000 people and I (the High Plainslady and person who will be writing this blog) am from a town of 12,000 in south Alabama. I wonder what the Wyomingites will think of all this SOUTHERN I’m bringing with me. It is not our goal to be 100% self sustaining but we do plan to be mostly off grid, have chickens and raise a few animals, garden outdoors and with a year round greenhouse and I will continue to cook and bake from scratch as I always have.

I also have an ADHD (predominantly I) kid that I pulled to homeschool this last year and with the move have decided to homeschool both elementary school aged kids (upcoming 2nd and 3rd graders). We are new to homeschooling and still learning about the ADHD diagnosis. We also have a baby girl who is along for the ride.

Anyway, our dream is now becoming a reality.  We are excited to share our newest adventures and what will likely also include misadventures as we set up a homestead in what can be a harsh climate but that is also breathtakingly beautiful with its wide open spaces.


Thank you for stopping by!!!